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Stock Process

Adding products and suppliers is the first step in any business transaction. This is known as the Stock Process.

The stock process consists of 2 sides, one being the purchase side and the other the sales side. Products must be purchased from a supplier and paid for before they can be delivered to you and then sold to your customer. This is known as the procure-to-pay function of StreamBean360.

There are two types of products in the StreamBean360 System; stock and non-stock items. Stock items are the goods you sell to customers that you keep in storage and are immediately available to deliver to a Customer without delay. Non-stock items may be products that consist of no physical items and thus cannot be stocked in a warehouse, such as services. It may also be items that you sell to customers but do not keep stock yourself. For non-stock items, you must create Purchase Orders with the account assignment category. Non-stock materials are not held in Inventory because they are consumed immediately when you received the goods.

When adding products, you must first select a stock category. Select whether it’s a stock or non-stock item. Then you will be able to customize the details of each product, set a unit of measure and set your profit margins. Selecting the options for the selling price by either selecting fixed list price, gross profit percent, markup percent or markup.

Once a product has been created, it needs to be linked to a supplier and stock quantities must be adjusted in order to create a quote.

Please remember Purchase Orders must be approved by the admin or approver.