SB360 Kick Starter

Sales Process

The sales process is where it all really starts. You cannot make money if you do not sell your product or service.

With StreamBean360, you can create a quote by selecting the customer, customer division and contact person from an easy-to-use dropdown list, ensuring the correct person receives the quote.

Selecting the correct delivery expectation, quote validity and sales probability are vital. Save the quote details before you add your products from easily selectable product categories and product lists.

After the products have been added to the quote you can change the quantities and discounts for each product. You will see an on-screen display of what the Gross Profit (GP) will be for the quote.

After approval, the quote is ready to be reviewed, downloaded, or emailed directly to your customer.

When the quote is accepted, it can be converted to an order and must be approved. The next step is to reserve the stock. Once the stock has been reserved, the order can be converted to an Invoice. From here you can Take Payment and Raise a Delivery Note. When the product is delivered, capture the receiver’s name and date as proof of delivery.

Searching for a specific document can also be done by using the search function in the top right corner.