SB360 Kick Starter

Complete Company Setup

Completing your account setup is extremely important for the StreamBean360 system to work optimally for your business. Please complete your account setup before doing anything else.

In your account settings, you will find several tabs that you can customize or edit to suit your organization.

Under the Team’s tab, you will see everyone who is in your team and what their subscription is. Here you will add new team members or update existing members.

Under the Company Details tab, you will be able to fill in or edit your company information, its billing and delivery addresses.

Under the Number Sequence tab, you can customize the starting number sequence of your customers, quotes, invoices, etc or you can leave it as-is for the system to generate automatically.

Under the currency tab, you can select your default trading currencies and customize your rates of exchange.

Under Defaults, set all your account default values such as your tax description and percentage, monthly sales targets, set your gross profit margins and of course your banking details.

Under Email Template, customize the email messages that are sent to your customers.

Under Terms & Conditions, you can customize the messages seen by your suppliers and customers.

And lastly, under Logo, you can upload your own company logo and choose a custom colour for your outgoing documents.

And that’s it! You can always come back and edit your account settings if needed.