Legal / Data Privacy

In terms of the requirements set in the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, (POPI) everyone has the right to privacy, including the right to lawful collection, retention, dissemination and use of one’s personal information.

To give effect to this right, Kunzeka Software (Pty) Ltd is under a duty to provide you with various details in respect of the processing of your personal information, before such information is processed, which details are set out in Kunzeka Software(Pty) Ltd’s Section 18 detailed informed consent documents. By providing Kunzeka Software(Pty) Ltd with your personal details, you consent to Kunzeka Software (Pty) Ltd processing your Personal Information, which Kunzeka Software(Pty) Ltd undertakes will be done in accordance with the said notice.

To view Kunzeka Software (Pty) Ltd’s standard Section 18 POPI document online, CLICK HERE.

To view  Kunzeka Software (Pty) Ltd’s standard Policy on Data Privacy and the Protection of Personal Information, CLICK HERE.

To view Kunzeka Software (Pty) Ltd’s standard Operator Agreement Terms & Conditions online, CLICK HERE.

A hard copy is available on request.